Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Transcending Beliefs, and who is Swetta Agarrwal?

- Transcending Beliefs is a platform created by Swetta Agarrwal, a passionate and innovative individual. Swetta believes in the potential within each person and is dedicated to holistic well-being. She also founded Wrap Chic, India's first B2B solution for packaging material.

2. What is the mission of Transcending Beliefs?

- The mission of Transcending Beliefs is to promote healing of the mind, body, soul, and emotions. Swetta Agarrwal is an energy healer, body psychotherapist, life coach, and space clearing coach who is dedicated to transforming lives for the better.

3. What makes Swetta Agarrwal unique as an entrepreneur and healer?

- Swetta Agarrwal's uniqueness lies in her journey as an entrepreneur who embraces her own strengths, even in what the world may perceive as weaknesses. She comes from a traditional background but chose a career focused on healing and personal transformation.

4. What awards and recognition has Swetta Agarrwal received?

- Swetta Agarrwal has received several awards, including:

- Best Social Entrepreneur of the year 2022 by IISA (Indian Innovation Startups Association).

- Best Entrepreneur of the year 2022 by She Connects.

- Best International Trainer for Energy Therapists 2021.

- Sarojini Naidu Award for Working Women 2021.

- Best Therapist 2020.

- Best Mental Wellness Centre 2019.

5. How has Swetta Agarrwal contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

- Swetta has made a significant impact by helping over 5000 women during the COVID-19 pandemic without seeking financial remuneration. She is dedicated to providing support and healing during challenging times.

6. What is Swetta Agarrwal's message to the world?

- Swetta believes that each of us is a healer with the power to make a positive difference. She encourages people to realize their inner strength and become spiritual warriors to make the world a better place.

7. What are the future aspirations of Transcending Beliefs?

- Transcending Beliefs aims to become a global platform and a leader in the holistic healing and wellness industry. Swetta Agarrwal has a vision to continue promoting love, support, and well-being for individuals worldwide.