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Ancient Wisdom of Mokshapatta
for Personal Transformation

Welcome to a journey where profound discoveries lead you into uncharted territory, and belief builds steadfast faith. Ms. Swetta Agarrwal invites you to explore the ageless lessons weaved in the game of Snakes & Ladders, which are deeply engraved in the Vedas, Puranas, and Smritis.

  • Journey into the heart of Vedic wisdom to uncover Mokshapatta—a concept revealing 72 states of consciousness and being.
  • Experience the transformative power of Mokshapatta as it guides you towards spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.
  • Roll the dice of destiny and discover how Mokshapatta can redefine your spiritual journey.

Introducing the World's
First Vedic Oracle Cards 

Vedic Oracle of Life takes you on a journey into ancient wisdom where practical and mystical elements converge. For the first time ever, Mokshapatta is represented as a deck of oracle cards, providing deep insights into the experiences shaping your life. Each card acts as a window into the divine, revealing the cosmic influences behind your personal journey.

  • Explore the depths of ancient Vedic wisdom through the innovative representation of Mokshapatta as oracle cards. 
  • Gain profound insights into the experiences that shape your life by using these oracle cards as windows into divine guidance. 
  • Achieve clarity on your life path and connect with timeless Vedic wisdom, allowing for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

What is Moskha Patta


A term from ancient Indian wisdom known as mokshapatta is found in writings such as the Vedas, Puranas, and other philosophical treatises. In Hindu philosophy, Moksha is the term for enlightenment or liberation, and it refers to the way or process of reaching this state.

In Hinduism, Moksha stands for the pinnacle of spiritual attainment, when the individual soul (atman) is freed from the cycle of rebirth, death, and birth (Samsara). It teaches us to overcome material attachments and discover one's actual nature, frequently by karma—righteous deeds—devotion (Bhakti), knowledge (Gyana), or spiritual practices.

Free Mokshapatta Masterclass

What you will learn:
  • The art of reading the Snakes & Ladder Board
  • The ways to grow your career as a Certified
  • Mokshapatta Practitioner
  • How to start earning by becoming a Healer
  • Manifestation techniques to attract abundance
  • A chance to receive a free reading

Join the Masterclass if you want answers
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How to overcome stress?
How to align Life Goals and with everyday actions
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How to make a career as a Mokshapatta Expert
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Hello, I'm Swetta Agarwal.

As a licensed and accredited counselor, therapist, and professional
healer, I am dedicated to helping individuals on their journey to
well-being. My expertise extends to various fields, including:

I am also trained as a -

  • Body Psychotherapy
  • Wellness and Life Coaching
  • Transformational Speaking and Training
  • Mokshapatta Reading

I am passionate about working with anyone who seeks to improve their life. My professional education equips me with the skills to focus on problem-solving, healing, and providing guidance for spiritual exploration.  Let's work together to transform your life and reach your highest potential, both personally and spiritually.


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