Unveiling Mysteries through Mokshapatta

Unveiling Mysteries through Mokshapatta

Our life is a journey with a purpose. When we experience the intricacies of living, we become aware of the fundamental aspects of life's decisions. With every action, we create a ripple effect of diverse reactions that direct the course of our life. Hence, it is significant to possess wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions and steer the vehicle of your life on the fitting path. These decisions impact our growth, success, and quality of life and help us stay aligned with our higher purpose. 

However, certain circumstances in life cloud our judgment and misguide us into making wrong decisions. Sometimes, the faults in the essence of our existence, such as ego, lack of self-awareness, societal pressures, external influences, material pursuits, freed for immediate gratification, and unexamined beliefs push us into making wrong decisions and creating repetitive patterns in life that distract us from our spiritual path. 
Therefore, it is significant to make the right decisions to welcome abundance in life and stay attuned to our higher purpose. 

Transcending Beliefs is offering a Mokshapatta workshop to help people develop strategic thinking and decision-making abilities. It is an Indian Vedic Snakes & Ladder game with 72 boxes. The ladders and snakes represent positive and negative aspects of our consciousness, respectively. It is believed that Mokshapatta is helpful people who pursue a fulfilling life.

  • Receive answers to your questions 
  • Get clarity and guidance
  • Chart your soul journey in this lifetime
  • Enlighten your mind
  • Solve doubts about future
  • Resolve past trauma
  • Become aware of your present status

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