Divination Workshops


Divination means the practice of seeking knowledge of the past, present or future or the unknown by supernatural or divine means or the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens, foretelling the future, by various natural, psychological, and other techniques.

Divination is an important feature of all ancient cultures all over the world. While some may still question the efficacy of divination systems, they continue to serve their communities by diagnosing ailments, prescribing healing treatments, and solving problems. Found in all civilizations, both ancient and modern, it is encountered most frequently in contemporary mass society in the form of horoscopes, astrology, crystal gazing, tarot cards, and the Ouija board. 

Join us as Divination Experts as explore lesser known yet some of the most ancient forms of divination from all over the world.

Akashic Records - The Complete Practitioner Program

Every human being is blessed with individual and universal consciousness that guides them in life and helps them embark on the path of spiritual and material fulfillment. While humans greatly utilize their 'individual' minds, we often forget that the divine has been blessed with cosmic intelligence in the form of the 'universal' mind. An Akashic mind holds all the information that is beyond the understanding of the individual mind...

The Magic of Runes

Runes are ancient Viking alphabets that are infused with symbolic and magical significance. Each rune is associated with an individualistic meaning and represents notions and forces of nature. Runes possess historical and cultural significance and offer guidance and insights into various aspects of life.   Deeply connected to nature, runes are associated with the five natural elements and stimulate enhanced energy flow to bring about transform...

Unveiling Mysteries through Mokshapatta

Our life is a journey with a purpose. When we experience the intricacies of living, we become aware of the fundamental aspects of life's decisions. With every action, we create a ripple effect of diverse reactions that direct the course of our life. Hence, it is significant to possess wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions and steer the vehicle of your life on the fitting path. These decisions impact our growth, success, and quality...

Soul Discovery ( Courses & Programs)

Do you desire to be a life coach? Body Psychotherapist? Divination Expert?

Energy Healer? Space Clearing Coach?