Healing through the knowledge of the Ancient Indian Vedas


We have all heard about the Ancient Vedas that have said to exist long before the universe came into existence. Whether it is the story about the Creation of the Universe or the Big Bang, or about the ideal way of living, the Vedas say it all. 

Throughout the ages, many people have read and translated the Vedas, the Upnishads, the Purans and other ancient Indian texts but very few have been able to bring it into a practically applicable form which can be used as tools, support and guiding lights. 

All programs in this category try to bring this ancient knowledge in a way that can help us



Live a Better Life

Change from Within

Connect with our soul

Be more stable in all areas of life

Understand what being and living in spirituality means 

And more…

Healing through Vedic Mantras

Vedas are ancient texts that hold profound significance in Indian culture. These texts contain hymns and syllables that harness the power of cosmic vibrations and infuse the surroundings with divine healing energy. These syllables constitute the Vedic mantras whose rhythmic recitation invokes blessings from the universal divine by tapping into celestial energies. Over the years, sages and proponents of Vedas have utilized the profound knowledge a...

The Magic of Yantras

They help influence & curb energies to give desired results They help spread positive energies and disperse negative energies Yantras help in spiritual elevations Yantras represent creative energy They awaken the energies when placed in an environment They represent divine & cosmic powers Different Yantras help work on different issues They attract prosperity, abundance & wellness

Ishkriti - Healing through Beej Mantras

As per the ancient Vedic philosophy, the cosmic sound vibration 'Om' or 'Aum' created the universe. It is a sacred vibration that represents the essence of divine consciousness. Many sacred texts testify that this primordial sound gave birth to 'Beej Mantras,' the specific single-syllable sounds representing subtle vibrations of various deities and cosmic forces.   Through the chant of Beej mantras, you can invoke the b...

Unveiling Mysteries through Mokshapatam

Indian Vedic Snakes & Ladder, where each square represents a plane of existence & consciousness, each snake a vice and each ladder a virtue. This ancient form of divination helps you  get answers to your questions get clarity and guidance chart your soul journey in this lifetime create annual forecast for 12 houses as in astrology understand concept of soul & soul purpose understand karma & dharma learn the virtues that lead...

Soul Discovery ( Courses & Programs)

Do you desire to be a life coach? Body Psychotherapist? Divination Expert?

Energy Healer? Space Clearing Coach?