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“What the world calls my weakness and flaws, I call it my strength”, has been Swetta Agarrwal's motto throughout her journey of being an entrepreneur.

Swetta Agarrwal is a passionate and an innovative individual, who believes that every person has many facets to their talents and capabilities, and this thought inspired her to come up with Wrap Chic, a B2B setup, which commenced in 2012, and was India’s first one stop solution for providing high quality raw material for packaging. It started at a time when online platforms hadn’t gained much popularity in the market. Further, Wrap Chic’s success led to another idea that encouraged Swetta Agarrwal to come up with another platform called Transcending Beliefs. A platform where you can heal your mind, body, soul and emotions.

Swetta Agarrwal is an energy healer, body psychotherapist, life coach and a space clearing coach. Although she comes from a traditional Marwari family, she still decided to pursue a career which focuses on healing individuals and transform their lives for better.

She receives ample support from her family, who pushes her to achieve all her dreams. She is dynamic and versatile in her approach, and truly believes in creating an atmosphere full of love and support for people who come to her. She not only believes in promoting her own skills, but also believes in promoting other women healers and energy workers throughout the world.

Her efforts have been recognised and for that she has received several awards:
  • Best Social Entrepreneur of the year 2022 by IISA (Indian Innovation Startups Association)

  • Best Entrepreneur of the year 2022 by She Connects

  • Best International Trainer for Energy Therapists 2021

  • Sarojini Naidu Award for Working Women 2021

  • Best Therapist 2020

  • Best Mental Wellness Centre 2019

With COVID creating helplessness, pain, victimisation and fear, she has significantly impacted the lives of more than 5000 thousand women without any financial remuneration.

She says “Each one of us is a healer. The true power lies within us, and once we realise that, we will be able re-claim our powers and become spiritual warriors for this New Earth to flourish. Let’s come together and make this world a better place.”

In the coming years, she aspires to make Transcending Beliefs a global platform and carve a niche in holistic healing and wellness industry.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” this statement signifies that only once you
have truly discovered yourself, you begin to understand the world around you.

Transcending Beliefs, a platform curated by Shweta Agarwal, is one such platform where you are encouraged to accept your perceived flaws and work upon them. Shweta Agarwal is a licensed and an accredited counselor, therapist and a professional. She is also a body psychotherapist, wellness and life coach, & a transformational speaker and a trainer. 

Here, you will be provided with the best support, guidance, advice, and an interaction with our founder, Ms. Shweta Agarwal, who is personally experienced, and has tremendous exposure in the field of holistic healing and wellness. She will ensure that you identify the core limiting areas that block you and will help lead you to a path of self-love, healing, abundance and transformation.

-It’s time to stop pretending!

-Take off your masks

-Let go off your past

-Be your true authentic divine self.

Our vision

Transcending Beliefs promotes a healthy environment, where people are encouraged to heal themselves and mend their broken relationships with their families or partners.

Our Mission

We go the extra mile and help our clients get the best solution for their problems. We focus on the emotional, spiritual, financial and intellectual wellbeing of an individual and ensure that they are healthy and content. We also support and encourage people from all walks of life and professions to live a life full of love and compassion. Transcending Beliefs also works with various organisations, their programs & workshops are available on both online and offline mode. If you feel that you’re tired, or feel the need to talk to someone, or have been broken in the past, then Transcending Beliefs is here to help you

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