The Practitioner’s Programs


Healing means becoming more whole, more able to accomplish what you wish to accomplish, and more able to enjoy your life. This wholeness may involve the healing of a physical wound, an emotional or mental disturbance, a maladaptive behaviour (rage, addiction, shyness), or conflictual relationships.

Our practitioner programs takes our students on a journey that will not only help them heal the world around them but also prioritise their own personal healing. 

Each of these programs independently works on various parts of our lives & beings
  • Physical Body
  • Emotional Body
  • Mental Body
  • Psychological Body
  • Spiritual Body
  • Energy Body
  • Financial Body
  • Behaviour & Patterns
  • Relationships at home & work
Aligning Your Energies

We’ve all heard about the presence of Chakras or energy points in our body. But do you know that imbalance between these can cause a lot of problems physically & otherwise? Learn the art of balancing them and filling your life with abundance & happiness.

Accepting The Darkness Within

Remember as a kid when you used to get scolded for lying because it’s not a good habit? Maybe because you learnt to rebel against it, unintentionally. Understand the darkness within you. Come on a journey to learn yourself better.

The Glittering Alley

The creation of the universe is based on the foundation of dualism. It is a spiritual and philosophical notion that proposes the existence of two opposing forces in the universe. In simple words, it is the collective presence of good and evil, light and dark, and the spirit and matter in your life.  Dualism, in its original nature, is a balanced concept. However, due to diverse factors, it can be disturbed and increase the inflow of negative e...

Space Clearing

Human lives are surrounded by tangible and intangible elements that shape our lives and maintain overall well-being. While it is attainable to sense the tangible elements, intangible elements are a non-physical aspect of our lives that consists of emotional, mental, and spiritual elements that are not immediately apparent but still profoundly affect our daily experiences. When disturbed, these elements give rise to clutter that creates a sense of...

Healing your ancestral trees

We’re all the last in the line of the gene of our Ancestors. Their blessings, positive or negative, affect your lives silently & thinking that you’re excluded from them wouldn’t make any difference. So, how do we release us & our ancestors of the unseen pain & trauma? Receive the guidance from your ancestors with the help of a few techniques.

Healing The Child Within You

Did you feel rejected/ unloved/ judged as a child? Did you know that those emotions shaped you as an individual? Was your innocence lost or suppressed? Join us on a journey of rediscovering the kid in you.

Relieving Emotions

Breaking patterns of negativity, emotional trauma, addictions, thoughts and behavior. It’s time to be free

Let It Go!

Ever felt the baggage of your past on your shoulders? Learn to leave the past in the past & embrace the individual you’re today.

Soul Discovery ( Courses & Programs)

Do you desire to be a life coach? Body Psychotherapist? Divination Expert?

Energy Healer? Space Clearing Coach?