Upayas, Remedies & Occult Practitioner Programs


Transcending Beliefs is proud to offer healing programs to help people balance, direct, and channel energies to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our specialists are experts in leveraging ancient practices to awaken life force energy to empower people to remove energy blockages, balance the chakras, enhance vitality, facilitate personal empowerment, and bring positive changes in attitudes and behaviors.

We assist people in focusing their energy and intentions on specific goals or desires to enhance clarity, intentionality, and the manifestation of desired outcomes. Our Spice Satchel Remedies and Occult Practitioner Programs empower people to shield themselves from negative energies or influences. With these practices, we help you create a sense of energetic protection, promote a positive environment, and ward off psychic attacks or malevolent forces. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, occult practices are also known for utilizing positive energy to manifest desires, enhance intuition, and foster emotional healing. From restoring harmony in lives, building healthy relationships, and nurturing love to multiplying wealth and maintaining good health, our Occult Practitioner Programs are designed to provide the remedies you desire. 

Let's explore the positive side of occult practices & remedies to help facilitate transformation, manifestation, and healing with harm to none!

Power, peace, prosperity with Potlies – The Mojo bags workshop

Under the guidance of seasoned practitioners, we have curated valuable knowledge about the magical intentions of ancient pearls of wisdom to improve the quality of people's lives. Transcending Beliefs is proud to offer Mojo Bags and Hoodoo Workshop in online modes. With our sacred Mojo Bags, also known as Amulet Bags, we aim to bring luck and quality into people's lives. The spiritual aces at Transcending Beliefs leverage their expertise...

The Spice Satchel Workshop - 100+ Spice Remedies

Did you know that all that you need to manifest your deepest desires and intentions is present in your homes? These magical ingredients are nothing but rich spices that you utilize daily in your lives. Transcending Beliefs is leveraging the power of spices to facilitate healing and protection and bring abundance, luck, prosperity, health, wealth, and peace into your lives.  In our Spice Satchel Workshop, you will learn how to make different co...

Chhu Mantar - The Vedic Switch Words Workshop

From the ancient wisdom of sacred Vedic texts comes the magical Vedic switch words, known for bringing luck, abundance, and prosperity to life. Believed to have a powerful vibrational impact on the subconscious mind and the body's energy field, these words, also known as Beej Mantras, access the deeper layers of your being, stimulating positive changes and desired outcomes.  Our purpose for offering the best Chhu Mantar or Vedic switch wor...

Soul Discovery ( Courses & Programs)

Do you desire to be a life coach? Body Psychotherapist? Divination Expert?

Energy Healer? Space Clearing Coach?