The Spice Satchel Workshop - 100+ Spice Remedies

The Spice Satchel Workshop - 100+ Spice Remedies

Did you know that all that you need to manifest your deepest desires and intentions is present in your homes? These magical ingredients are nothing but rich spices that you utilize daily in your lives. Transcending Beliefs is leveraging the power of spices to facilitate healing and protection and bring abundance, luck, prosperity, health, wealth, and peace into your lives. 

In our Spice Satchel Workshop, you will learn how to make different combinations of spices to manifest your desires and invite positive energies to support your well-being. 

Our spice satchel remedies are tailored to address specific concerns or intentions. Placing the spice ingredients in a satchel creates a portable and hidden way for you to carry their protective properties. This spice satchel will act as a barrier against negative influences, psychic attacks, or harmful energies that may come your way. Placing this satchel in the appropriate position will help you attract positive energies and manifestations into your life. Through our online spice satchel workshop, we will help you work in harmony with your spice satchel remedy and establish a personal connection to make the most of the energies associated.   

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