Power, peace, prosperity with Potlies – The Mojo bags workshop

Power, peace, prosperity with Potlies – The Mojo bags workshop

Under the guidance of seasoned practitioners, we have curated valuable knowledge about the magical intentions of ancient pearls of wisdom to improve the quality of people's lives. Transcending Beliefs is proud to offer Mojo Bags and Hoodoo Workshop in online modes. With our sacred Mojo Bags, also known as Amulet Bags, we aim to bring luck and quality into people's lives. The spiritual aces at Transcending Beliefs leverage their expertise to fulfill and manifest your desires with our magical intentions. 

Our mojo bags are created on the principles of sympathetic magic and carry objects that transmit energy and intention. By assembling specific ingredients and symbols within the mojo bag, we harness and amplify desired energies to help people achieve what they desire and enhance love, luck, prosperity, wealth, fame, etc., in their lives. 

In our online mojo bags workshop, we will impart knowledge about different types of magical ingredients and how to use them in a perfect combination to align them with the user's energy and desires.

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What Will You Get?
  • Recording of all sessions
  • Practitioner E- Certificate
  • PDF Manual
  • 3 days of live classes

Mojo Bags Can be Created for

  • Manifest Desires
  • Protection
  • Good Health
  • Getting a Job
  • Getting a promotion
  • Prosperity
  • Good Luck
  • Love
  • To stop people from gossiping about you
  • To stop being harassment
  • To heal your Karma

The Mojo Bags that will be taught