The Self - Healer’s Programs


What does self-healing means?

The act of healing or repairing oneself from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, psychological, financial and relationship issues through particular medium of healing is known as Self Healing.

Self-healing involves behaving wisely, tuning into the true needs of your body, mind, spirit, and soul and making wise choices – to eat the right way, exercise the right way, and get the right amount of sleep. Learn deep relaxation for ten or twenty minutes each day, three times a day if you want even better results. 

We likely all struggle with the remnants of past emotional or physical challenges. So we probably would all benefit from some self-healing. However, self-healing may offer greater benefits for those who are feeling highly self-motivated to engage in the self-healing process—that is, to take the time to implement self-healing techniques and activities in their lives. Just as it takes time to build a new skill, self-healing can take time and effort. So effort here is key to seeing results.

Our short and effective workshops will take you on a journey of self healing that will help you heal yourself holistically at every level of your being.  

The Power of No

Every child goes through a phase where “NO” becomes their favourite word. “No” is one of the biggest power words which gives a sense of self, a sense of control.  But as they grow up,   real life experiences,   fear of disappointing their loved ones,   fear of not fitting in their environment,   the fear of not belonging to their core group  and other factors start making them fear this very word.   “NO” becomes a taboo, whi...

Accepting The Darkness Within

Remember as a kid when you used to get scolded for lying because it’s not a good habit? Maybe because you learnt to rebel against it, unintentionally. Understand the darkness within you. Come on a journey to learn yourself better.  

Relieving Emotions

Do you agree that emotions, like the waves of a vast ocean, oscillate back and forth in our fragile consciousness? In a true sense, they form the foundation of our existence and emanate joy, sorrow, thrill, experiences, growth, and lessons. They are the sacred force that fuels your soul's evolution by shaping your destiny. No matter how hard you try, you can never understand the true role of emotions in human life as it is beyond the confines...

Let It Go!

Ever felt the baggage of your past on your shoulders? Learn to leave the past in the past & embrace the individual you’re today.  

Tune Back into Your Natural Frequencies

A 42 days’ meditation program based on the 7 chakras of our energy body. 21 days – identifying and healing existing blocks 21 days – creating and conditioning the body with new programs It takes 21 days for any programming, pattern, behavior to be broken and another 21 days for a new program to be created. Let’s create abundance, joy, happiness, peace and more in our lives and tune back into our natural frequency.  

Healing Your Ancestral Trees

Did you know that unresolved traumas and karmic patterns of ancestors are transmitted across generations, impacting the fate, beliefs, behaviors, and emotional well-being of descendants? The blessings you receive in life - good and bad - are a result of karmic patterns that run across your family tree. Your ancestral roots make you inherit unresolved conflicts, pain, and sufferings that degrade your quality of life and prevent you from experie...

Healing The Child Within You

Did you know that emotional neglect, physical and verbal abuse, harsh judgments, a strict environment, and unfortunate circumstances in childhood shape our personalities?  It is because, in childhood, the lack of freedom to express ourselves and communicate how we truly feel results in a hurt inner child with repressed emotions that haunt our subconscious mind. As we grow up, these hidden emotions influence our life decisions, relationships wi...

Aligning Your Energies

Every living entity in this world possesses energy centers that are located along the body's central channel. The ancient Indian spiritual & philosophical traditions are a testament to the fact these energy centers correspond to diverse aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The balanced state of all 7 chakras in the body is consequential for survival, overall health, and vitality.   However, in today's fast-paced w...

The Blue Print of the Universe

When the almighty created the universe, they gave birth to cosmic energy that permeates everything and connects every living being. It is a spiritual vitality, responsible for creation and sustenance, and governs existence beyond the physical realm through its 7 laws. Driven by a quest to uncover deeper truths about existence, ancient sages, and scholars conducted comprehensive studies to understand the elemental nature of reality and the univers...

Soul Discovery ( Courses & Programs)

Do you desire to be a life coach? Body Psychotherapist? Divination Expert?

Energy Healer? Space Clearing Coach?