The Blue Print of the Universe

The Blue Print of the Universe

When the almighty created the universe, they gave birth to cosmic energy that permeates everything and connects every living being. It is a spiritual vitality, responsible for creation and sustenance, and governs existence beyond the physical realm through its 7 laws. Driven by a quest to uncover deeper truths about existence, ancient sages, and scholars conducted comprehensive studies to understand the elemental nature of reality and the universe. Over the years, their analysis and contemplation of universal laws became a part of oral and written traditions that preserved the wisdom they collected during their study.  

In today's modern world, the recorded statements of the 7 cosmic laws provide insights into spirituality, ethics, personal growth, and the purpose of life. These laws also guide how to live harmoniously with the universe and attain higher states of consciousness. By understanding the nature of the mind, emotions, and consciousness, humans can strive for inner balance and contentment. 

Transcending Beliefs is offering the Blueprint of the Universe Course to help people improve their quality of life by manifesting their desires.  

  • Become aware of subtle energies and vibrations around you to foster a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe 
  • Let go of negative energies and regulate your emotional state 
  • Become a conscious creator of your reality 
  • Experience a sense of heightened focus and productivity 
  • Take charge of your thoughts, emotions, and actions 
  • Make better decisions and navigate life more intuitively 
  • Attract abundance into your life 

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