The Power of No

The Power of No

Every child goes through a phase where “NO” becomes their favourite word. “No” is one of the biggest power words which gives a sense of self, a sense of control. 

  • But as they grow up,  
  • real life experiences,  
  • fear of disappointing their loved ones,  
  • fear of not fitting in their environment,  
  • the fear of not belonging to their core group 

and other factors start making them fear this very word.  

“NO” becomes a taboo, which is meant to be received but not given, avoided and ignoredand saying

“YES” without considering the consequences for oneself, without considering whether we truly want or need to do something becomes a habit. 

It’s time to break this habit…let’s learn how to say "No" when needed as a conscious choice and not as a knee jerk reaction, impulse or habit. 

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