Akashic Records - The Complete Practitioner Program

Akashic Records - The Complete Practitioner Program

Every human being is blessed with individual and universal consciousness that guides them in life and helps them embark on the path of spiritual and material fulfillment. While humans greatly utilize their 'individual' minds, we often forget that the divine has been blessed with cosmic intelligence in the form of the 'universal' mind. An Akashic mind holds all the information that is beyond the understanding of the individual mind.  

Akashic records are the physical manifestation of the Akashic mind that holds the key to a door that leads to infinite wisdom. It is a celestial mirror that helps people confront the realities of their life, embrace the unchanging core of their souls, heal their past traumas, and pave the way for a happy future.  

Transcending Beliefs presents the best online Akashic records program in India to make it easy for you to heal your psychological and emotional imbalances. This program will help you acquire the blessings of the universe, heal your past, know about your future, and make peace with unknown past traumas. 

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