The word 'Aatmadarshan' consists of two Hindi words - Aatma and Darshan. Aatma means 'self,' and Darshan means 'to see.' Aatmadarshan means to see yourself in a true sense. This spiritual pursuit of exploring, acknowledging, and embracing our true selves is known as 'Aatmadarshan.' 

When we expose ourselves to the outer world, we are exposed to the harsh opinions, judgments, and neglect of people around us. Incidences like this, during our life journey, inflict us with pains, traumas, unfulfilled expectations, disappointments, lack of expression, sadness, etc., and force us to doubt ourselves and de-emphasize our significance. This emotional, mental, and psychological trauma degrades our quality of life and results in rising feelings of worthlessness, mental health concerns, excessive guilt, dependency, and inability to put our best foot forward.  

That's why Transcending Beliefs is assisting people with realizing their true worth and getting rid of self-sabotaging practices through one of the best guided meditations in India, called 'Aatmadarshan.' This meditation workshop is created under the guidance of expert gurus who have years of experience helping people attain peace through meditation.  

  • Heal mental and emotional trauma  
  • Recover from psychological pains  
  • Get rid of negative emotions 
  • Live in the present moment 
  • Reduce stress and manage turbulent emotions  
  • Remove karmic blocks 

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