Tune Back Into Your Natural Frequency

Tune Back Into Your Natural Frequency

Did you know that every human being has a vibrational frequency that helps them manifest and attract things they desire? Each one of you is blessed with an energetic quality that directs your thoughts, regulates your emotions, and influences your decision-making abilities. The energy you give to the universe decides what you will receive in return.  

In life, there are many instances where things go haywire, and you feel that you have lost control over things, affecting your happiness, well-being, and progress. Every human, more than once in their lifetimes, has faced situations where they feel helpless as they cannot attract what they desire. So, what is the reason? 

The stress and tension of daily life affect our energy and disturb the true nature of how we vibrate at our natural frequencies. That's why, Transcending Beliefs is conducting a carefully crafted meditation program in India to help you tune back into your natural frequency and attract all the positive things you desire.   

We will help you re-program, realign, and reconnect your energies through your energy centers. You will learn how to maintain a steady flow of energy through your chakras and raise your energetic frequency. 

  • A 42 days’ meditation program based on the 7 chakras of our energy body.  
  • 21 days – Identifying and healing existing blocks  
  • 21 days – Creating and conditioning the body to attract new energy and replenish your energy centers 

It takes 21 days for any programming, pattern, behavior to be broken and another 21 days for a new program to be created.  

Let’s create abundance, joy, happiness, peace and more in our lives and tune back into our natural frequency. 

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