Encash Your Wisdom - 1 year Energy Therapist & Life Coach Training Program

Encash Your Wisdom - 1 year Energy Therapist & Life Coach Training Program

From the moment a human takes birth, they embark on a quest to find their purpose and fulfill it to live a meaningful life. The achievement of this purpose depends on the choices we make in life and the sincerity of our intentions in pursuing our dream. During this journey, many people lose their way due to multiple reasons, including misguidance, fear of failure, lack of clarity, unawareness, and greed for instant gratification. As a result, unfortunately, many of them fail to embark on the right path and figure out how to create and build a life of their choice.  

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Professionals like Life coaches & energy therapists find gratification in helping others live a happy, balanced & successful life.  

If you are someone who is naturally drawn to professions where you can assist others in conquering challenges and achieving their goals, join Transcending Beliefs's 'Encash your Wisdom' program. This one-year program consists of Energy Therapist Workshop and a life coach training program, that you can join from any corner of India or abroad.  

This training program will help you acquire knowledge and new skills to craft a career of your dreams and help people find a purpose in their lives. It is designed to allow practitioners to work independently, arrange their own schedules, and develop their coaching or healing practices per their preferences.  

  • Comprehend the intricacies of the human mind and leverage that knowledge to instruct others toward growth and self-discovery 
  • Develop excellent communication and listening skills 
  •  Explore healing modalities 
  • Create a flexible and balanced work schedule 
  • Make a positive impact on people's lives 
  • Foster a sense of inner peace and well-being 
  • Earn a potentially lucrative income 
  • Experience a deeply fulfilling and purposeful career

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