The Energy Psychotherapist Training Program

The Energy Psychotherapist Training Program

The universal divine has blessed every living entity with 7 energy points that provide and regulate the energy flow within our bodies. When our chakras are balanced, they contribute to and maintain our physical, mental, and emotional health. Each chakra plays a specific role in sustaining good emotional experiences and psychological states. They are believed to foster a harmonious connection between mind, body, and spirit. 

However, due to the stresses and tension of modern life, we are degrading our quality of life by not paying attention to our physical, mental, and emotional needs. This negligence of requirements disturbs the flow of energy within the chakras and results in blockages and imbalances. These energy blockades give rise to emotional disturbances, lack of clarity, physical ailments, weakened immune systems, and stagnation. Therefore, to improve our quality of life, we should address and restore the energy flow within our bodies. 

Thanks to multiple therapeutic approaches, such as energy healing courses and energy therapy training, it has become easier to identify the energy blockades and infuse our chakras with fresh energy flow for overall well-being. 

To help people facilitate transformative changes in their lives, Transcending Beliefs is offering Energy Psychotherapy Course Online. Through this course, people can improve the quality of their life and develop a more integrated perspective on health and healing.

  • Process and release unresolved trauma
  • Develop feelings of peace and relaxation
  • Remove negative thought patterns
  • Promote a deeper connection with one's inner self
  • Facilitate healing and self-growth

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