Body Talk Therapy

Body Talk Therapy

February 09, 2023

Body Talk as a Holistic Healing Therapy 

This therapy was grounded in the belief that human beings have the power to heal themselves more effectively than any technology used today. It is a new treatment and has received a lot of criticism due to insufficient evidence, but it is one of the most effective techniques to heal your body. 

What is Body Talk Approach?

The Body Talk Approach talks about what can heal itself with its “innate wisdom” of how to repair and recover. Each cell of the body communicates with each other, and each cell has the power to heal itself. When these cells are broken down, so is the communication within the body. 

What are the Three Steps of Body Talk?

Meditate and talk to the part of your body that is in pain. Understand what memory, imprint or program is it storing. 
If you’re a self-healer, then choose which modality you would like to use to release that memory or imprint. If not, you can seek professional help or learn some basic healing methodologies that can help you. 
The last and the final step is called communication. “Tapping” is used at various points on the body, especially on the chest and head, while focusing on “energy circuits”. 

Body Talk is a continuous process, and every energy circuit that is corrected in a session, is used in the next session as well. The healing is continuous even after a session ends and each session is a result of improved physical and mental health. 

Should you consider Body Talk as a treatment?

Body Talk should be used for the body's natural healing. However, it cannot replace traditional medical care. This system is not only used to heal a number of mental and physical issues, but it is designed to heal the mind and the body as whole. Once the Body Talk treatment starts working, it results in improvement in all areas such as mood, muscle tension, and energy level. 
Body Talk has successfully cured problems such as hormone imbalance, asthma, chronic infection, allergies, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities. 

Body Talk has proven to be a popular holistic healing therapy. It is low risky, natural and an alternative for medicine. It focuses on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of a person. 

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