Living Life in Fear

Living Life in Fear

February 28, 2023

Fear of failure or fear of rejection is something that we’re all scared of. 
Fear keeps us imprisoned and prevents us from reaching our true potential. 
The idea is to use fear as a tool for finding fulfilment. Discovering how to stop living in fear or using fear as an inspiration is what will ultimately serve us. 

The real question is, why are you living in fear? 

The human mind is so used to living in fear or anxiety that they consider it to be the new normal. Yes, it could be a threat to your emotional or physical safety but you need to get rid of the idea that fear is the only way to live your life. 

Everything from the media to caffeine has been blamed for our current state of anxiety, but blaming others has never helped anybody. It’s time to take control of your feelings and emotions and change your life. 

How to stop living in fear?

Before you realise it, fear becomes a state you’re constantly living in. It becomes a maladaptive lifestyle and influences how you think, feel and do. 
It makes you bitter, angry and frustrated. There are a lot of ways you can stop living life in fear, from seeking professional help to self-care. Once you make up your mind and commit to your fears, you will be able to find ways to overcome fear and live a life full of positivity. 

Understanding where your fear is coming from: It is important to find the root cause of this fear. Whatever fears are running in your mind, make a list of each one of them and tell yourself whether they are valid or not. Once you figure that out, it will be easier for you to understand the root cause of your fears and work on them. Once you understand your fears, you can change your story and your mindset.

Recognise that life happens for you: Life is something that happens for you, and not to you. Once you understand this concept, you will realise that you are the master of your own life and nobody can control you. 

Stop giving excuses: Blaming anybody for your own shortcomings is quite easy. We can find an excuse for everything because they are comforting and prevent us from facing the reality. But the truth is, you are just fearing living life. Don’t get too comfortable with these patterns, because they will destroy you in the end. 

Have a growth mindset:  Adopting a growth mindset helps you achieve almost everything you put your mind to. A lot of times we just settle for the life we are currently living because we let fear control us, but the truth is, we need to push past these fears and work harder to achieve our goals. 

Once you understand that living life in fear is futile, your life will begin to transform. Yes, we all have fears and our own anxieties, but it is on us to push past these fears and grow. Don’t get too comfortable living your life in fear because it is truly not worth it. Live freely, happily and peacefully. Just remember, you don’t owe anything to anyone, so there’s no reason for you to be fearful. 

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