My relationship with self

My relationship with self

February 28, 2023

“The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have” 

What does it mean to have a relationship with oneself?

Having a relationship with ourselves means that we accept ourselves completely and don’t see our flaws as a sign of weakness. It means that we put our own needs ahead of others, not because we’re selfish but because we value ourselves. It means we have a high self-esteem, and nobody can bring us down. We are not scared of judgement or other people’s opinion, because it simply doesn’t matter to us. We are open to healthy criticism and are willing to listen to other people’s point of view, without feeling insecure or criticised. 

Having a healthy relationship with oneself is extremely important because if we don’t have one, we will always seek outside validation. We won’t be able to accept our true self and always feel worthless. This means that we are giving permission to let people walk all over us, or treat us however they want to. 

What stops us from creating a relationship with ourselves?

The real reason why we fail to have a relationship with ourselves is because we don’t trust ourselves. We don’t feel we’re good enough, can handle a situation or a task by ourselves, and always have to depend on others for our happiness. We tend to believe that if our relationship with others is good and well maintained, then there is no need to make ourselves happy. 

The truth is, we are wrong in believing so because nobody is entitled to make us happy. If we keep depending on others for our own happiness, then they will end up controlling our entire life. Every decision will be based on their opinion, and we will never be able to trust ourselves. True happiness only comes from within, and once we realise it, we are one step closer to creating a relationship with ourselves. 

What are the problems we face while building a relationship with ourselves?

Building a relationship with oneself is not an easy task. It requires complete acceptance of self and letting go of all limiting beliefs. 

Some of the problems we might face while building a relationship with ourselves are: 

Fear of trying: We may doubt our abilities or worth and avoid challenges.

Fear of judgment: We may constantly judge ourselves or fear what others will think of us.

Accepting our past: We might find it difficult to accept what happened to us because we haven’t let it sink in completely or are scared to accept it.

Negative feelings: Negative emotions may creep up every now and then, which might eventually tire us or make us feel worthless.

Letting Go: We may find it difficult to let go of certain people or things, which may be a hurdle while we are trying to forgive people or forgetting the past

The idea is to not give up and keep working towards building a relationship with ourselves. It won’t be an easy task, but if we decide to stay persistent and positive, we will eventually get there. 

How to have a healthy relationship with ourselves?

Care for your needs: A great way to build a relationship with ourselves is to start taking care of our basic needs such as getting enough sleep, resting, eating right and exercising. 

Joy is important: Do things that bring you joy or make you happy such as painting, writing, drawing, or dancing. 

Avoid negative thoughts: Whenever a negative thought pops up, let it pass by and don’t give it too much attention 

Be kind to ourselves: Give yourself permission to be human without thinking how to look or feel. 

Adopting an abundance mindset: When we practice gratitude and adopt an abundance mindset, we will naturally fall in love with ourselves. 

If we follow these simple steps and try to inculcate them in our daily lives, we will see a change in how we see ourselves. We will slowly begin to realise our worth, and the importance of having a healthy relationship with ourselves. Once we realise that, there is no going back. Our journey of self-love and healing will begin and life will become much more beautiful and fulfilling. 

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