Past Lives

Past Lives

March 01, 2023

Do you feel that your soul has reincarnated before?  

People often ask “Who was I in my past life?” Or “Have I lived a life before this one?”

It is not easy for us to answer these questions because we can’t really tell if these thoughts or feelings are necessarily true. 

Let’s talk about a few signs which help you figure out if you have lived a past life before 

Persistent memories - Do you ever get the feeling that you were born in the wrong era? These feelings of persistent memories, or intuitive feelings of being someone else somewhere else, could be a sign that you have lived a past life before. 

Déjà Vu - Déjà Vu is a feeling where you feel you have lived through the present situation before. A French phase which means “already seen”. If you get these feelings where you feel you might have lived this moment before, it could mean that your soul has experienced it before. 

Unreasonable fears - We all have fears, while some are normal, but having fears that don’t make any sense but still creep up in your day to day life is exhausting. These fears could be as unreasonable as being accused of murder, or committing a crime. 

Being familiar with another Culture - You might feel you have never lived in a particular country before or have any extended family or friends in that country, but you still happen to know their culture or traditions. This could be a trigger to want to explore a past life. 

Having inexplicable skills or talent -  We are all astounded by child prodigies. The real question is; do they have a natural talent ever since they are born or is it something more than that? These skills are indicators for many hypnotherapists that elucidate who they were in their past life. According to hypnotherapists, they possess a skill or trait and there is no obvious reason they would have that. 

Recurring Dreams - Your dreams are a reflection of your unconscious mind, and these dreams may signify fear, trauma or issues that your brain is still trying to process. Recurring dreams could potentially be reflections of your past life. 

Having a Strong Intuition - Intuition is our soul’s way of telling us whether something is right or wrong. It is said that the more our soul matures, the closer we are to our divine path. 

You’re a natural empath - You understand emotions and feelings probably better than anyone around you, and are able to comprehend these feelings. You feel the energy when someone is sad, happy, or in pain. It can be seen as a sign that your soul has lived many lives before and has transcended to a point where you can understand emotions on a much deeper level. 

While these signs might be an indication of living a past life before, we can’t fully rely on them. 

What matters is the life we are living right now and focusing on the present. If you experience any of these signs, use them to channel your energy towards the present. 

Your soul always knows the path, so follow that path and keep moving forward. 

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