Rise in Love: Keys to Build and Maintain a Happy Relationship

Rise in Love: Keys to Build and Maintain a Happy Relationship

July 18, 2023

Relationships are sacred. Whether unified with marriage or living together, the unification of two people requires trust, genuine respect, and unconditional love for each other. When two people commence a relationship, things seem rosy or flowery; both partners put in their best efforts, support each other for mutual growth, try and understand each other's dreams, and provide emotional support for every need. The feeling of staying in a relationship and spending quality time with a partner is beautiful. Participating in daily life activities gives both of you chances to come together and make the most of your time - From traveling, shopping, visiting friends, and decorating your personal space to making significant decisions in life - you are together in every walk of your relationship.

What makes a healthy relationship? 

Believe it or not, many relationships break apart as time passes. While time might come across as a potent villain in the story of our protagonist couple, it is the total opposite of what people take it to be. Instead of viewing it as a restrictive force that tests the resilience of a couple in relationships, consider it a skilled artist that designs, paints, and perfectionize the canvas of relationships. Briefly stating its essence, it is precisely what makes relationships healthy because, over time, you witness the growth of your love, deepen your emotional connection, learn to navigate life's challenges together, and understand each other completely. 

Moreover, with time, you develop characteristics, including communication, patience, empathy, emotional intimacy, etc., that keep your relationship relevant, meaningful, and emotionally satisfying. These characteristics are vital to keeping any relationship happy, fulfilling, and thriving. 

How to maintain a happy relationship?

Growing up, we have listened to fables and tales that sew the seed of 'Happily Ever After' in the field of our conscious minds. Whether we say it out loud or not, listening to these stories made us hopeful and wish for a fiction-inspired happy ending of our own. However, life is not all mills and boons. It has its fair share of ups and downs that might occasionally shake your belief in relationships and doubt the vitality of your relationship. People in a relationship might face ordeals, including individual differences, changing dynamics, stresses of life, and communication breakdowns. However, these ordeals provide opportunities to overcome challenges, develop together, deepen the relationship, and grow your love. 

Here are some beneficial tips on how to build and maintain happy relationships.

1.    Embrace your demons

Let's face it - no relationship is perfect. What defines a healthy relationship is the intent of those two people in a relationship to make it meaningful and fulfilling. To achieve that, it is significant that both of you acknowledge the imperfections and embrace the demons of your relationship. Once you recognize and accept the flaws in your relationship, you will realize that flaws foster deeper connections and help partners love each other despite their shortcomings. Moreover, identifying imperfections makes you find ways to overcome them and live a life of contentment.

2.    Don't take things personally

To take a relationship to its zenith and make it stay there, a couple must foster a non-reactive mindset. Always keep in mind that a relationship is a part of your life and not a debate contest where it becomes vital for you to win every argument. Thus, whenever you find yourself amid a heated situation that can lead to verbal wars, stay calm. If you identify yourself as impulsive and fickle-minded, find ways to foster peace and mindfulness in life. And what's better than participating in meditation workshops online and offline? 

3.    Communicate your Feelings

This is a cliche piece of advice, but communication is one of the most underrated superpowers that save a relationship from falling apart. And communication is not only about conveying your pent-up emotions and opinions about each other. It is also about expressing what makes you feel good about being in a relationship with your partner. Only through talking with each other, can people in a relationship express their thoughts, fears, desires, beliefs, and needs without hesitation, hence, fostering an environment of trust, empathy, and support. 

4.    Ask for Help

Never underestimate the power of an objective perspective. When things seem unclear, and you cannot figure out a way, seek help. A professional person with years of expertise will help you identify the roadblocks and take appropriate measures to make your understanding of each other healthier. Never feel bad about asking for assistance, as it is an acknowledgment of your commitment to the relationship. You can find a marriage counselor in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, or any part of the country who will provide valuable support and guidance to help you steer the challenges and work towards building the relationship that you desire.


Relationships are like a rollercoaster ride. They make you feel the thrill but also scare you to your guts. Nonetheless, if you are determined to embark on this ride, the fear isn't enough to stop you from your pursuit. No matter the ups and downs, you can always get your relationship on track with simple initiatives. Always remember that building and maintaining relationships is not difficult; you just need to nurture it with love, care, and attention, and it will blossom into something worth waiting for! 

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