True meaning of Occult

True meaning of Occult

February 28, 2023

What is Occult?

Occult is connected with magic, power and things that cannot be explained by reason or science. It includes mysticism, spirituality, divination, spell casting, witchcraft, or Satanism.

Occult Types and Practices 

Astrology - Astrology is the attempt to know the future course of events by observing or interpreting the heavenly bodies. Horoscopes are the most common for practicing occult. 

Fortune Telling - The ability to know the future through some means such as a crystal ball, tarot cards, or palm reading. 

Satanism (Worship of Satan) - This includes human and animal sacrifices, all forms of occult practices, mystic rituals and is tend to be very secretive. 

Witchcraft - Witchcraft is the practice of what the practitioner believes to be supernatural skills and abilities, such as the casting of spells and the performance of magical rituals. 

Magic - Magic is the attempt to control or manipulate higher or unseen powers through the use of objects or rituals. 
Demon Possession - The invasion of a human being by an evil spirit is known as demon possession. There has been a tremendous decrease in this occult practice since the level of civilisation and education has increased. 

Modern Science and Occult 

Modern Science says that Occult is just a technology on a different level, but it is physical. You use your mind, body and energy to do these things. No matter what the technology, you are still using your mind, body and energy to do the task. 

Initially, a lot of material was used to manufacture a cellphone. But due to advancement in technology, there has been a reduction in use of these materials. Modern Science and Occult are bound to meet somewhere if some small changes happen in the understanding of what is what. 

Occult and Spirituality 

In many parts of the world, occult is passing off as a spiritual process which is not good. When we say spiritual, we are talking about going beyond the physical, to bring an experience within you which is not of the physical. Occult is using the subtlest phenomena of the physical, but it is still physical. 

Occult as a Positive Practice 

Can Occult be viewed as a Positive Practice in our society?

  • Occult is usually practiced to destroy someone’s live, cause harm or death, so people believe that occult is always a negative thing. 
  • Socially, you have been exposed to people who believe that Occult is always negative, but occult is also the highest order. 
  • Shiva is an Occultist. Not all Occult is necessarily negative. 
  • Occult can be a positive force, depending upon who is using it and for what purpose. 

Therefore, we conclude that Occult is just a technology which has been used in a negative manner over the years. No science or technology is a dirty thing, but if you misuse it to kill or torture people, then obviously it will become negative. That is what happened to Occult because people have misused it for personal reasons. So, generally Occult is shunned completely on the spiritual path. 

Occult can be viewed as a positive force if we stop using it for all the wrong reasons. Instead, it can be used to heal somebody or their health. Therefore, we need to stop using it for all wrong reasons and begin to see it as a positive practice. 

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