Crystal Healing: The Formula for Spiritual Cleansing

Crystal Healing: The Formula for Spiritual Cleansing

April 26, 2023

Life is full of ups and downs. We seldom come across people whose lives are trouble or stress-free. When tough times knock on the door, our conscious and subconscious get clouded, and we unknowingly manifest negative energy. Due to this, we experience stress, physical ailments, pessimistic attitude, emotional havoc, etc., that pollute our spirit. As a result, we lose mindfulness and peace of our mind. Thus, to overcome the misery of adversities and cleanse our souls, we look for alternatives to alleviate the detrimental effects that come along with them. Thanks to the internet, people can come across various remedies to improve their situation and elevate their living. One of the trending alternatives that have come to the zeitgeist is the use of healing crystals. Many influential people advocate for the effectiveness of the crystals and the positive results associated with them.

Healing Crystals: Mother Nature's Goodies

If you scroll through social media posts, the chances of you coming across this concept are ripe. But have you ever wondered what crystals are and how they work? Crystals are nature-borne stones with specific arrangements of atoms or ions in a grid pattern. These have physical characteristics, unique frequencies, and stable energies that positively affect our bioenergetic systems. They emit vibrations that rejuvenate and revitalize the soul by facilitating spiritual healing. As a result of their unusual and distinctive properties, healing crystals release blocked energy, purify the aura, ward off inauspicious energy, and contribute to the overall well-being of the spirit and body.

The benefits of Healing Crystals

The life force energy, known by multiple names, such as chakra and prana, reiki, qi, etc., across the world, is responsible for maintaining balanced health. Whether it is a matter of physical, emotional, or mental health, a good qi is vital for a balanced life. Acknowledged and admired for being a symbol of purity, strength, and rejuvenation, healing crystals have proven their worth throughout history. Since energy flows through the bodies of living beings, crystal healing repairs the damage to the body's energy field by activating healing and revitalization properties.

a. Mindfulness

Let's say that mindfulness is the superhuman ability to live in the present mentally. Due to the stress and tension of daily life responsibilities, we do not focus on the importance of the present moment. In most cases, people either look back on the past to regret their decisions or worry about the uncertain future. As a result of this hullabaloo of stressful thoughts, we forget to live in the moment. It is where healing crystals contribute their part as good samaritans. Their distinctive metaphysical characteristics help manifest a state of balanced emotions, reduce unnecessary stress, increase self-awareness, and facilitate focus on the present moment.

Some recommended crystals to attain mindfulness are calcite, citrine, turquoise, and malachite.

b. Calmness

A calm mind is free from stress, excitement, or emotional disturbance. But due to the increasing challenges of home, workplace, or academics, it has become tough to have a calm mind. The state of relaxation has become synonymous with finding temporary solace in scrolling social medial posts or reels. However, this will never suffice because interim stimulation can never replace permanent tranquility. Thus, in the situation of never-ending turmoils, counting on remedies like crystal healing is an optimum solution. Healing crystals elevate self-control abilities, improve mental flexibility, increase self-esteem, and help stay calm in adverse situations.

Some examples of healing crystals that can help attain a calm mind are lithium quartz, amethyst, selenite, sodalite, etc.

c. Physical wellbeing

Our physical health is often affected by instances of minimal distress. Gone are the times when just good eating and fresh air were enough to lead a happy and healthy life. In the last couple of decades, our bodies have become sensitive to minimal irregularities in our living patterns. Multiple ailments, such as digestive disorders, obesity, metabolic disorders, weak immune system, etc., affect our lives, the worry of which affects the health of our spirit. Thus, many healers suggest leveraging the power of healing crystals to prevent oneself from the dangers of threatening ailments. These healing stones improve physical welfare by aligning their energies with the user's energy fields and stimulating the biological systems of their body.

Some recommended crystals that can elevate the physical health of bodies are moonstone, jasper, selenite, obsidian, carnelian, etc.


Before proceeding with crystal healing, it is vital to know that no-size-fits-all. Every crystal has unique properties that help people in different ways. But one thing is sure; if you have true belief in the healing powers of crystals and the intention of using them to elevate your living experience, you will experience positive changes. These are effective options to get rid of negative energy polluting your aura and facilitate spiritual cleaning. Cleansing one's spirit through healing crystals is a cathartic method, and there is no specific rule book that dictates the rights and wrongs of this practice. Thus, trust your healer's intuitions and beliefs and embark on a healing journey with majestic crystals.

Happy healing!

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