Harness Your Subconscious Power with Crystal Healing!

Harness Your Subconscious Power with Crystal Healing!

April 26, 2023

In every instance when the human brain is mentioned or discussed, more often than not, we hear the word conscious and subconscious. The human brain works on a three-level mind model - Conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The most mysterious of them all is the subconscious part of the brain. It continuously takes in sensory data, stores it for future reference, and delivers output based on it. Our experiences and emotions that arise from certain situations, such as unexpected victory or trauma, insecurities, anxiety, etc., repressed feelings, and more, get stored in the subconscious and shape our perceptions and behavior based on this information. 

So, what is the big deal about exploring our subconscious mind? From renowned scholars of the ancient eras to the therapists and counsellors of modern times, everyone promotes the ideology of knowing one's true self.

It is because only through our subconscious thoughts can we decipher what kind of goals we yearn to achieve and what our true feelings are.

However, it is a task easier said than done because what goes on a subconscious level is arduous to interpret. Let's explore the power of the subconscious mind and how crystal healing aids the process of exploring one's subconscious. 

What are the Benefits of harnessing subconscious power?

Consider our subconscious mind as an unlimited source of fuel that powers our creativity, intellect, emotional capabilities, and whatnot! In addition to what we are aware of, there is a vastness of untapped potential that could be explored and taken advantage of once we truly become aware of how to leverage our subconscious power. A storage bank with unlimited capacities, our subconscious mind finds solutions based on our past experiences and interprets how we will tackle any situation. The subconscious mind has the power to facilitate one's healing from the repressed emotions that arose from unpleasant experiences of the past. Moreover, subconscious awareness enables clarity of thought process that promotes better decision-making and problem analysis. Although working in the background, the subconscious power is no less than the hero of a film - driving us on a path to a better future. In addition, it helps us become aware of our deep-rooted phobias and insecurities that can boost our journey to improve ourselves and enhance our abilities. 

However, since the subconscious mind stores data from everyday life, it is full of happy and unhappy experiences. Unpleasant experiences give rise to repressed emotions that have repercussions and affect the quality of our lives. So, how can we reach our subconscious and eliminate the negative energy that clouds it? Through crystal healing!

How does Crystal Healing help?

Crystals are a precious gift that originates from the lap of mother Earth. These goodies of mother Earth have vibrations that affect the life energy or qi and directly influence the energy field of our bodies. Time is blessed with a glorious history of crystal healing. In ancient times, when the mighty rulers faced turbulent times, they were recommended to leverage the power of crystals. It is because crystals possess the strength to transform the energy of the mind, body, and soul. They have the superpower to connect the spiritual, emotional, and mental elements and make them work for the betterment of our psyche. Crystal healing aids in realigning bio-energetic systems and facilitate a stronger connection with the spiritual core. It implies that you will become more aware of your inner feelings, attain tranquility and peace, foster a positive outlook toward life, and experience better mental health. Another fact to note here is that crystals serve as a grounding tool in meditation and help us connect deeply with our subconscious. Every crystal has a unique energy, and using the right kind of crystals can lead to spiritual awakenings. In addition, crystal healing assists in getting rid of mental and emotional baggage and makes the connection with the subconscious unrestrictive.

A pro tip here, when practicing crystal healing, it is always advised to seek help from certified spiritual coaches and healers to practice this technique without any error. 


Human beings are powerful creatures. They are blessed with abilities to transform their lives for the better. However, the hustle and bustle of daily life and the race to make ends meet leave them with bittersweet experiences and unnecessary stress. This situation fills them with negative energy and prevents them from acknowledging their true feelings, understanding and embracing their emotions, and understanding their spiritual needs. Thus, crystal healing is one of the most effective techniques of modern times to help people connect with their subconscious and harness its power. However, the supreme tip here would be to trust in one's capabilities, give time to the crystal healing process, and not expect fast results. Foster perseverance, witness effective results, and remember! Patience is a virtue.

Happy healing!

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