Heal your Karmic Relations with Past Life Regression Therapy

Heal your Karmic Relations with Past Life Regression Therapy

September 21, 2023

A karmic relationship is a notion that stems from spiritual and philosophical beliefs, particularly in Buddhism and Hinduism. The foundation of this concept is based on karmic debt, learning, growth, connection or chemistry with someone, challenges, and solutions. Being highly influenced by karma, karmic relationships play a significant role in shaping the life path of individuals. According to spiritual beliefs, karmic relationships better our lives by teaching us life lessons connected with forgiveness, patience, compassion, and empathy.  

It is a relationship between two people who were connected in past lives. These two people are brought together due to their karmic connection from the present or past life. During their time together, these two people feel strongly connected or become addicted to each other's presence. The karmic energy between them makes them meet each other at different points in time until they learn the destined lesson meant for their life transformation.  

The challenges and conflicts associated with these relationships push individuals to become aware of their weaknesses, unresolved issues, and negative patterns. They are opportunities for people to evolve by addressing and resolving negative patterns.  

Signs or Manifestation of a Karmic Relationship 

1. Intense and immediate connection with somebody 

Two people who are fated to be in a karmic relationship feel a strong chemistry or connection with each other. They may feel they have known each other for a long time and cannot think about spending their life with anybody else.  

2. Familiarity 

Karmic relationships push people to have compelling and often inexplicable feelings of familiarity with their partner. When individuals meet their karmic partners, they feel an immediate and deep connection and 'click' with each other on a profound level.  

3. Emotional comfort 

It is one of the most prominent signs of karmic relationships. Even if these two people have just met, they feel intense emotional comfort in each other's presence. They feel safe, understood, and supported in their presence, as though they can be your authentic self without judgment. 

4. Strong Sense of trust 

In karmic relationships, people have a deep, instinctual sense that they can rely on and confide in each other from the moment they meet. Their feeling of safety extends to emotional vulnerability, allowing individuals to open up and share their thoughts, feelings, and fears more readily. 

5. Synchronicities 

People experience meaningful coincidences and find unusual signs when they are around their karmic partner. For instance, they might see the same influential image or number repeatedly or have dreams or visions parallel to each other's life experiences.  

Intention of Karmic relationships 

The ultimate purpose of karmic relationships is to help people heal and grow. However, they only serve this specific objective. As per traditional beliefs, karmic relationships are not meant to last long as they are brought into one's life to facilitate personal growth, healing, and the resolution of karmic issues. Once these objectives are met, the relationship may naturally come to an end, and the individuals may move on to other experiences or connections. This belief can be supported by the occurrence of heightened emotional states, encompassing feelings of anger, frustration, melancholy, and perplexity. The persistence of unresolved historical issues may provoke intense negative emotional responses. Thus, when the purpose of a karmic relationship is served and individuals learn their lessons, people naturally move on to get rid of the negative emotional turmoil and challenges associated with this type of relationship.  

Healing Karmic Relations with Past Life Regression Therapy 

Karmic relationships can take a toll on people's emotional health. Hence, to heal from the emotional damage inflicted by karmic relationships, it is suggested to undergo past-life regression therapy, a healing technique based on the belief in reincarnation and karma. It posits that our current life's challenges, relationships, and even physical ailments may be linked to unresolved issues from past relationships.  

This technique involves a person going into deep relaxation or hypnosis, a process conducted by a trained therapist. In this state, they become more receptive to accessing memories from past lives and describe their experiences, feelings, and sensations as they access memories from their past lives. Through this exploration, they will find karmic patterns that persisted across multiple lifetimes. These patterns can offer clues about karmic relationships and unresolved issues. As a result, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and issues within their current relationships and release emotional baggage and trauma associated with karmic relationships. By undergoing this therapy, people can experience profound personal transformation, let go of past burdens, heal from the emotional damages of karmic relationships, and live more authentically. 

Final Thoughts 

The objective of karmic relationships is to teach people lessons and facilitate their growth. Even though it does not last long, it is a significant phase that people forward and build a better future for themselves. With the help of past life regression therapy, you can get rid of the negative effects of karmic relationships and move on in life. So, seek help and move on in life!  

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