March 01, 2023

The saying that what goes around comes around is said to be true. 

Karma, a simple word yet carries such a deep meaning. It is said that your actions define whether your karma is going to be good or bad. 
But is it necessarily true? A few good deeds won’t make you a better person, and a few bad ones won’t make you inhuman. We’re human beings, and are bound to make mistakes. 

The truth is, without making mistakes we would never learn. 

We all make mistakes, whether it is that job you signed up for, that relationship you ended, or chose a wrong partner or a friend, it’s all part of the journey called life. 

It has been stated in Mahabharata by Lord Krishna, where he says to Arjun that ‘Tu karm kar fal ki chinta mat kar’, which means that focus on your karma, and not on the reward. 
If you’re performing good deeds, you’re ultimately going to be rewarded for it.

How much do you agree with this statement? 

Do you think that doing good deeds is all that is to Karma?

In Buddhism, karma refers to thoughts, actions and words and the energy created by those thoughts, words and actions. And it doesn’t mean that you will be rewarded instantly for your good deeds, it simply means that performing good deeds makes you person who is content with everything around them. There is no hate, jealousy or any negative emotion towards another human being. 

The truth is, we don’t need anyone or anything apart from ourselves to make us happy. It’s a misconception that if you get your dream car, your dream house or that job you have been waiting for, you’ll be happy. Happiness comes from within, and no external force should be able to influence your happiness. 

Do you really believe that Karma has anything to with our past lives? 

Yes, it has a lot to do with our past lives. 
When we cannot repay or balance our karmas in one life, that karmic imbalance or debt becomes a karmic imprint needs to be cleared in another lifetime. Karma is an energy created by us, and we can change it at any given moment. 

For example - Killing someone is a bad karma or a-dharma but for a soldier killing an enemy it is su-dharma. 

The Universe is always going to reward you for your good deeds, sooner or later. 

So next time, don’t think twice before doing a good deed. Do it because it makes you happy, do it because it makes you human, and most importantly, do it because we’re all here to help each other grow and become the best version of ourselves. 
Remember, you create your own magic. 

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